Chapel on the Hill

Planning a wedding is no easy task. There are many factors to consider, many decisions to be made. One of the most important is the location of the wedding ceremony.


Many couples choose to personalize their weddings by choosing a special location or destination. However, there are those who want a more traditional location but not necessarily a church, synagogue or a generic hall. 


The Chapel on the Hill is a Historic Landmark built by the Canton Episcopal Congregation in 1897. The beautiful stained glass windows are original from 1897 and have no religious symbols.


The vaulted ceiling is built as the inverted hull of an ancient sailing ship symbolizing the journey of life. Among the many milestones, one reaches in that journey is marriage.

Marriage is the life cycle event where we make a lifetime commitment to another person.

Chapel Inside Rear JPG.jpg

The Chapel on the Hill provides an environment conductive to the solemnity and joy of a wedding ceremony. There is a bridal suite complete with a private bathroom and makeup area.


The Chapel on the Hill retains a sense of intimacy for a small gathering, yet has the seating capacity for two hundred if necessary. Outside there is a small waterfall that provides a beautiful setting for photographs. Handicap accessibility along with ample off-street parking.