Frequently Asked Questions

Will you meet with us prior to the wedding?

Yes. In fact, I request that you meet with me prior to the ceremony. This exercise allows me to spend roughly 90 minutes getting to know you. I personalize every wedding ceremony based on this meeting, but more importantly it allows me to observe the dynamics of your relationship. We will spend time discussing the concept of not only marrying the right person, but also being the right marriage partner. You will leave the prenuptial counseling conference knowing that your ceremony is as important to me as it is to you. Should the need arise, I am available at any time (yes, 24/7) right up until you walk down the aisle. Every NO OBLIGATION Prenuptial Consultation includes:
"The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook"
($19.95 value)

Can family members be involved in the ceremony?

Definitely. I encourage the involvement of family members (especially children) in the ce remony if you so desire. Involving children, parents, siblings, or other family members in the ceremony can create for a very spiritual and meaningful experience. Incorporating family medallions, special readings, or the l ighting of a marriage / unity candle can make the ceremony memorable for all those involved. I have utilized the aforementioned elements and I am happy to provide you with ideas concerning family involvement in your wedding celebration.

Can you perform a spiritual/religious ceremony?

Yes. I am an ordained independent minister willing and able to perform ceremonies involving various religions. In fact, I specialize in interfaith ceremonies and I am part of an interfaith marriage myself. I can incorporate the customs and traditions of several religions into the ceremony and create a cohesive spiritual experience. As I have stated before, this is your wedding and I will do whatever I can to create the perfect experience.

Are you willing to perform a ceremony anywhere?

Certainly. I am very flexible and I am willing to perform your ceremony at the location of your choice throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (as well as parts of greater New England) . I have performed ceremonies at restaurants, banquet halls, country clubs, chapels, private homes, and even aboard cruise ships. My home is also available for elopements. Should you require suggestions for a facility or locale, I am happy to provide you with such. If you are planning a large wedding or an outdoor ceremony, I have my own professional wireless public address system (no wires or microphone stands to get in the way).

Do you have any experience with cruise ship weddings?

Yes, I have many years of experience coordinating cruise ship weddings. I can officiate your wedding on board the M.S. NORWEGIAN SPIRIT or ROYAL CARIBBEAN'S JEWEL OF THE SEAS at the Black Falcon Pier in Boston. Any couple with plans to honeymoon on their cruise to Bermuda can arrange early boarding for themselves and guests

What will you be wearing during the ceremony?

I will be clad in a simple black judicial robe (or a Kente style robe if you prefer) on your wedding day. I can alter my attire for you should you desire a more casual or formal ceremony. From jeans, khakis/Hawaiian shirt combo, a business suit or black tux; I am a rather stylish fellow and I can create the perfect outfit to compliment your ceremony.

Will you conduct a wedding rehearsal?

I am available should you wish to have a wedding rehearsal. I can direct the rehearsal from beginning to end while showing you the proper placement for the wedding party, how to escort and seat guests, and how to pull the runner down, etc. I will work with you until everyone in the wedding party feels comfortable and confident with his or her role in the ceremony.

What other services can you provide?

In addition to solemnizing marriages, I am able to perform same gender marriages, vow renewals, spiritual baptisms, notary services, "naming of children" and many other ritualistic blessings and dedications. Please see a description of all of my services on the "Other Services" tab.

Do you offer specials or packages?

Mermaid's Bridal Pavilion is located on the scenic South Shore conveniently nestled between Boston and Cape Cod. This brand new, beautifully landscaped pavilion is the perfect outdoor venue for a small group wedding. Mermaid's Bridal Pavilion (sans any Elvis impersonators) offers a celebration that is more than just a simple civil service but less than a full-blown reception. It offers a unique opportunity for a couple who want to express their vows before an intimate gathering of family and friends but do not want the formal atmosphere or hefty price tag usually associated with a large reception. Package Includes: A beautiful, intimate wedding ceremony celebrating your union Professional photography services (several affordable packages available) A two-tiered wedding cake created just for you and your guests One bottle of vintage champagne on ice for the champagne toast Romantic recorded music for your ceremony and reception A personalized, keepsake Marriage Certificate Consultations available upon request ~optional~ A one-hour mini reception with hors d' oeuvres and non-alcoholic refreshments Package is subject to change and availability.