About Us


Hello, my name is Gary Fine.  My lovely wife is the former Denise Merrell, of Washingtonville, New York.

For the past two decades, my marriage has been central to who I am and I’ll afford you that same level of dignity when I perform your wedding ceremony.

Gary and Denise Fine wedding
Jesse and Addison as kids

Denise and I have two terrific sons,

Jesse and Addison, both in their twenties. 

They are both pilots and currently serving as Naval Officers in the United States Navy


I have been donning the black robe of

Justice of the Peace and a Non-Denominational Minister since 1987.

When I am not solemnizing marriages, I am working as an office manager for a funeral home in the greater Boston area.

​You may be wondering, "what does this all mean for me?" Quite simply, with my background and experience,  I can provide you and your fiancée with an original and unforgettable wedding experience that you will cherish forever.

Why Fine Weddings chose

 The Peacock

as its logo and brand identity


This peacock feather represents vibrant colors, bright and fun. The peacock is identified as one of the most unique of birds. Representing an emblem of spirituality, love and commitment. While doves or lovebirds are typically more common in wedding symbolism, the Peacock and its feathers portray beauty that showcases confidence to show our “true colors”. This symbolism is in sync with the Fine Weddings style, concept and brand. Customized wedding ceremonies that truly express the vision, essence and “integrity of relationship” of today’s couples.

Gary cartoon A
Gary Fine Cartoon B